Updated 8/11/2020
We are just a little over one month away from the submission deadline for the 5th Art Exhibition at Santa Maria de la Vid Abbey on the theme, “A Vision of Hope & Healing.” Please see the Call For Artists flyer for all information regarding submission requirements, selection, and important dates (including the Submission Date: September 21st). Submitted works may include (but are not limited to): paintings, drawings, photographs, digital media, wood art, sculptures, written poems/stories, performance art, etc.
In addition, please note the following (which is also noted on the flyer): We will not accept submissions without each required element or after the submission deadline date. You or the artist you represent may submit more than one art piece via email, however, we will only accept one piece per artist. If selected, all pieces must be ready-to-hang/display. Please wait to deliver art pieces physically until you or the artist you represent is informed regarding selection.
While we will be opening up the Abbey for specified “viewing days” for this year’s exhibition to include the open and close dates, we will not be hosting opening or closing events (per the expected guidelines of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe which are seeking to adhere to the procedures outlined by the state). We will publicize all of the dates as soon as we are able to confirm them.
If you would like to submit a performance piece (dance, music, poetry reading, etc.), please record and submit it in video format (landscape orientation, no longer than 5-7 minutes) with an exhibition description (100 words or less) and your artist statement (100 words or less). You may upload your video(s) to this Google Drive folder.
Upon receipt of accepted physical art submissions, we request permission to take a photo of artworks and post them to our online digital display platform, the Art at the Abbey website, www.artattheabbey.com. In addition to physical displays, we will be displaying artworks here for all who would like to see the featured art pieces but may be uncomfortable visiting the Abbey to see the art in person.
We look forward to receiving your submissions and thank you for your support of Art at the Abbey, especially during these uncertain times. Feel free to contact us with any questions.
The Art at the Abbey Committee