LAST CALL FOR ARTISTS – *We have decided to continue accepting submissions to this year’s art exhibition at the Abbey through the end of this week! As of Monday, October 22, we will no longer be accepting submissions. Artists who submit will be informed regarding acceptance into the art exhibition by the end of next week.*

“Puentes de Compasión: Reaching For Hope”
November 17 – December 20
An exhibit of works from artists and members of our community reflecting encounters as bridges, built on foundations of compassion, openness, and love, connecting us as we move forward together in hope.

We invite artists of all religious and spiritual backgrounds, from and representing multiple generations, to create and submit works which reflect personal interpretations and experiences that contribute to the dignity of the theme, “Puentes de Compasión: Reaching For Hope.”

*Our selection committee will carefully consider availability of display space and how works contribute to the theme of the exhibition. Also, as we hope to display a diversity of art, we may only accept up to (2) pieces per artist.

If you are interested in participating, please submit the following: 1) Digital image of your piece, 2) Brief description of your piece to include dimensions, materials used, and how it expresses your interpretation of the theme (no more than 500 words), and 3) Artist statement about yourself or the artist you represent (no more than 250 words). All information must be sent to Celina Chavez at

*Please DO NOT deliver physical artworks to the Abbey until you are informed regarding acceptance into the art exhibition on or after October 22.