Although the Liturgical Year begins with Advent, January 10, 2023 marks the first day in Ordinary Time, This means that the Church moves into Year A; Sunday readings will now come from the Gospel of Matthew. The Church rotates between Matthew in Year A, Gospel of Mark in Year B, and Gospel of Luke in Year C. This schedule seems to leave off the 4th gospel, or the Gospel of John. Non-Ordinary times use passages from John, so each year during Lent, Easter, and Advent the Sunday readings come from the 4th gospel.

Weekday mass readings are on a two year cycle, with Cycle I being used in odd numbered years. During the year, the Gospels are read semi-continuously, beginning with Mark, then moving on to Matthew and Luke. The Gospel of John is read during the Easter season. For Advent, Christmas, and Lent, readings are chosen that are appropriate to the season. The first reading on weekdays may be taken from the Old or the New Testament. Typically, a single book is read semi-continuously (i.e., some passages are not read) until it is finished and then a new book is started (USCCB).