Thank you for visiting our website!

As our website is currently undergoing updates, we would like to draw your attention to the following:

  • Blog
    • When on the Homepage, if you scroll down approximately halfway through the page, you will find “Updates From the Abbey.” These are blog posts, which may also be found by clicking on the ‘News’ tab.

  • Individual & Group Retreats
    • We are able to receive donations via our Donate page, however, we are not currently able to receive payment for upcoming events (i.e., Meditative Writing Retreats), or from any who are interested in making a private retreat at the Abbey and/or reserving space.
      • If you are interested in making a private retreat, reserving space for a group retreat/event, or registering for one of our events, please call the Abbey at (505) 873-4399 or email to check availability of dates and facilities, discuss details, etc.