In these uncertain times it can be especially important to reach within oneself and find or deepen one’s relationship with the Creator. With heightened political divide, increasing awareness of racial strife and blatant racism, a global pandemic, uncertain economic future, and stay-at-home orders it can be extremely difficult to ground oneself in what is positive in this world.

In a time of working from home, schooling from home, and being told to stay at home as much as possible, it can be important to break away from the mundane and find a new surrounding, even if for a brief time. As more and more places are ordered closed to protect the health of our community, the Norbertine Retreat Center remains open for individual retreats thanks to the hard work of our staff in becoming “NM Safe Certified.”

If this is a good time for you to deepen your relationship with the Creator, or for whatever other goals you might have for a retreat, please contact Patti Daily at to set up your retreat dates at one of our hermitages. The community and staff at the Norbertine Abbey have you in prayer.