Our Mission

Our Mission Explained

The Risen Christ sends us Apostles – The Risen Christ, our head, sends his Spirit to enlighten and empower us as present-day apostles. Our apostolic way of life is rooted in the life of the early church. The authenticity of this mission has been discerned by the Abbot and the Church of St. Norbert Abbey.

to witness the reality and the power of a Christian community of faith – Witness is the essence of a religious community. We witness to the fact that a Christian faith community is truly possible in a culture that is increasingly uncongenial to community, and that such a community has the power to transform its members and the culture.

by living a simple communial life – Communal life is life together in a place. The core of our communal life is the Word of God, the Eucharist, the Liturgy of the Hours, shared table, and mutual love. The simplicity to which we are called demands a total acceptance of Gospel values: uncluttered living, responsible stewardship, challenging the patterns of a consumer society, and respect for the natural environment.

According to the Rule of Augustine – Our rule of life calls us before all else to “live together in harmony, being of one mind and heart on the way to God.”

and the ancient traditions of the Order of Premontre – Our Constitutions, The Day of Pentecost, give contemporary expression to the age-old Norbertine heritage. The fullness of the Norbertine way of life includes the “golden triangle” of community, contemplation, and compassionate service.

by loving service to the Church of Santa Fe – Love and service are at the heart of the Gospel. In our service, we witness to and extend the prayerful communion we have experienced in our community. We go forth from the contemplative center of our spiritual life to our active ministries in the church of Santa Fe.

especially to its poor and needy – Jesus’ ministry was to all, but with a preference for the poor, the oppressed, and the marginal. In our ministries we share Jesus’ concern for the poor.