Both the state of New Mexico and the Order of Prémontré have long traditions of bridging spirituality and art. The Abbey of Santa Maria de la Vid has continued this tradition in the Southwest.

Just as the Our Lady of the Vine statue reminds visitors, as they enter the gathering space of our church, of the anticipated birth of the Lord, so the statue of Saint Mary Magdalene, in the worship space, reminds visitors of the glory of the risen Christ.

The scriptural inspiration for this sculpture is drawn from a prayerful reading of the biblical description of Mary Magdalene’s recognition of the Risen Christ in the Gospel of John. (John 20: 11-18) The Gospels identify Mary Magdalene as one of the women who ministered to Jesus and as a witness of his crucifixion, burial, empty tomb, and risen presence.

Title: Rabboni (Teacher)

Artist: Alison Aragon of Albuquerque

Location: Abbey Church