NO FEAR! – Except Fear of the Lord
Presented by Megan McKenna
Our Lady of Guadalupe Commons at the Abbey – Saturday, February 9, 2019, 9:30 a.m.-Noon

For more information: (505) 873-4399 or

No registration is necessary. Free-will offerings are greatly appreciated.

We live in a world climate of fear, distrust, insecurity and wariness towards everyone. It is reflected in our political decisions, our economic choices, even in our prayer and daily relationships. The opposite of fear is boldness of spirit or daring trust, the gift given to us at confirmation: fear of the Lord. It is the imaginative creative work of bridge building and reaching across divides and leaping in faith, probing into mystery and the unknown. It is a gift and a discipline, bound to the gift of prophecy, and it takes practice—alone
and in concert with others. Come, and practice being bold, sharpening the edge of your prophetic eye, and knowing where to stand and how to leap in order to get there gracefully. Come, cast out fear! No registration is necessary. Free-will offerings are greatly appreciated.

Megan McKenna, a native of New York City, has lived, visited and gypsied through North and South America (especially Bolivia/Peru), Europe and a collection of islands: Celtic, Japanese, the Philippines, Singapore, Haiti and the Hawaiian Islands and through Malaysia, India, Marshall Islands, Thailand, Australia and China. She works with Indigenous groups, in base Christian Communities and with justice and peace groups as well as parishes, dioceses and religious communities.