James Owens, O. Praem. is a Brother at the Santa Maria de la Vid Abbey and an ordained Deacon in the Roman Catholic Church. Brother James Owens, O. Praem. departed today with his final destination being the Norbertine General Chapter. He is traveling with Abbot Joel Garner, O. Praem. and Father Peter Muller, O. Praem.

We’ve had a wonderful start to a very smooth day; we traveled about 2 1/2 hours from Albuquerque to Chicago O’Hare, which is a bit of a zoo. We are awaiting our flight to Heathrow. As I write this, it is at about 7 o’clock local time and it will be 10:00 after by the time we reach our next destination, so there will be no time for dinner. We have a lovely overnight flight to Heathrow for seven hours and then a connection to Düsseldorf of about two hours for LaPacz a short chain junket to the hotel and Abbey. I am very excited, as are Peter and Joel; they are excited to see old friends. Peter is excited to see the folks from the abbey in Orange, CA. I am excited just to be excited I think and I’ll leave it at that.

Biscochitos lovingly made by the parishioners of St. Edwin parish.

Abbot Joel and Father Peter awaiting our connecting flight.