Day 17: Sunday morning, the first thing after waking up is getting ready for an adventure to find the nearest church to partake in Mass. Lucky for us we got to go to Mass at the Basilica of St. Paul where the tomb of St. Paul is located. Then we made a trek to go see the basilica of Saint Mary Major, though on the way we got to stop at the basilica of St. John Lateran (known for being the basilica that held the inauguration of popes up until the 19th century according to the Vatican website). In between the last two churches we were able to stop and grab a bite to eat at a restaurant, where we enjoyed some delicious pizza, Yum! Overall, it was a hot day, but luckily all the sites were within our route.

Day 18: Today marks the last day of our adventures. We got to visit two more basilicas before we begin our trip back to Albuquerque on Tuesday morning. We got up and had breakfast. Then we went to go to visit Chiesa del Gesú but we made a mistake and visited Chiesa de Gesú e Maria instead, Oops! Then we trekked to the next destination, while stopping to get a gelato of course, the Vatican Museum. Here we saw lots of historical artifacts and luckily, we got to see the Sistine Chapel.